40ft LED Giant White Christmas Tree

In Christmas 2014 we designed and commissioned the largest and most spectacular Christmas Tree More Place London has ever seen. The Giant 40ft LED christmas tree was designed and installed by our team at Julia Charles Event Management and was a huge success. over the course of the 2 months it was installed it gained nearly 1 million likes on Facebook, twitter and Instagram  and was seen from Miles away.

We provided a bespoke base for this Commercial christmas tree due to the ground being un-even and it was perfect. it kept the tree level and made sure that it was also still safe for the public to view. The white picket fence topped it if and when the tree was lit up once the sun went down it created a stunning effect that could be seen from miles away. Dare I say this tree gained a better response then that of the main tree in Trafalgar square. the unique design and the size of this 40ft LED Christmas tree on the Thames was admired all over the country and indeed Europe.

We provided this large led christmas tree in London for More place and it was situated outside the scoop near tower bridge. As you can see in the photos the size alone was exciting and the bespoke nature and look of the tree brought something different to London for Christmas. If you are looking for christmas tree hire in London and would like something extremely unique and large such as our 40ft, 30ft and 20 ft LED ball motif Christmas trees then give us a shout.

Here is a link to just some of the other unique and complete custom Christmas trees London. http://www.juliacharleseventmanagement.co.uk/content/officechrsitmastrees

if you would like to know more about this LED ball motif Christmas tree for hire in London or anywhere else in the UK then give us a call or follow the link http://juliacharleseventmanagement.co.uk/content/moreplacelondonchristmastree

Other projects we are working on at the moment are

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If you are looking for some exceptional Christmas tree designs or bespoke Commercial Christmas Decorations for hire the look no further than Julia Charles Event Management.

Here are some great links to some more images on public Instagram accounts

Take a look at what people thought of the tree and the response it got

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