Its never too early to plan for Christmas!

As you can imagine us being a busy events company we plan a lot of Christmas parties, Christmas decorations, event decor for Christmas events and a whole lot more to do with Christmas themed events. We have started planning Christmas projects as far as 2 years in advance for large projects and even confirm Office Christmas trees in Jan for that years Christmas decorations for clients of ours. People are still amazed to find out that fact but if you look deeper in to what it takes to create a magical experience for christmas events it really is not that surprising.

For commercial Christmas decorations we usually start to plan very early in the year and this is for 2 simple reasons.

1 – the clients know that to create something spectacular they need to the time to cover all areas. this may be anything from the logistics all the way down to the final design and installation. For many of our shopping centre clients we ind that as they are open to the public, working around this can be difficult.

2 – you want the best ion the market and sometimes leaving Christmas till the last-minute mean you get only what is left.

Don’t leave yourself in a position where you are only able to have what is left by confirming late.

When supplying our services to clients who are looking to plan and create a magical experience for guests who attend Corporate Christmas parties we find that we start to confirm acts and entertainment as early as August. This is good!

here’s a look at some of commercial christmas displays and decorations

We have bene lucky enough to plan events for some of the worlds most high-end clients and even though they are also some of the most organised, many times a christmas party is the last thing on their minds. This is where we come in! As an event management company who knows how to create events with little notice it is beneficial to our clients to outsource this to make sure all is planned to a professional and high standard. more often than not the Christmas parties are left to the receptionists, the PA’s and maybe the odd committee to organise on top of their already hectic days. We have been able to successfully minimise any stress this can cause simply because of our experience, knowledge in events and overall passion to create memorable experiences for our clients.

For example – a client of ours enquired with us for some table centres for their christmas party. I had then asked for a meeting to make sure there was nothing else we can do for them. this opened the flood gates to a full 15 page proposal which included Entertainment, venue finding, venue decor and food options all within their budget. Just some of the more bespoke things we supplied were things like our drinks train. the drinks train is a train which runs on tracks throughout the venue full of drinks. the concept is so good it is snapped up by near enough every client who enquiries. this was a design and an idea which was brought to a client in-house and is now a service many other event companies supply.

It just goes to show that being creative and building a relationship with our clients has been the driving force to our success.

Just think how many people there are out there looking to create a spectacular event just like you are. thousands if not hundreds of thousands, So keep this in mind when planning your event this Christmas as it is like the old saying goes.

The early bird catches the worm!

Or in this case

The most organised elf ……….makes the most epic parties and so on.

Take a look at some more Christmas event based brilliance from me and the staff

You can also view a wide range of Christmas services we supply by visiting our Pinterest.

Christmas Decorations for hire in the UK for Commercial Christmas decorations and private christmas decorations on Pinterest 

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