Increase Foot Traffic To your Exhibition Stand

Over the years many of our clients have come to us for unique and brilliant ideas to help bring people to their exhibition stand. it was around 2001 when we had seen an opportunity to help our clients with not just exhibition attractions but also memorable entertainment options perfect exhibition stands. Now we are no longer considered weird, wonderful and sightly usual but more of a necessary when it comes to driving potential clients to trade show stands and exhibition stands. Below I have put together a list of brilliant exhibition entertainment and also exhibition attractions perfect to gain more foot traffic.

1st off! lets take in to account what type of business you are and what type of client you are looking to attract to your stand. For example we had the pleasure of providing trade show entertainment to a sports nutrition stand. a magician would not do the trick in this case….however a football freestyle champion would be perfect as you can image the target audience would be fairly sporty.

There are so many different types of exhibitions and trade shows all over the world and we have exactly what is needed to drive potential clients to your stand more than a competitions stands. after all its never nice seeing a stand opposite you full of clients and you sitting there thinking “I really should of booked an attraction or entertainment”!!

Caricaturists and artistic entertainment is also a sure fire hire at any trade show or exhibition stand as it comes in all different forms. We supply Silhouette artists and cutters for hire who can cut brilliant shadows and silhouettes of passing clients. you may think this is a little dated for your stand especially if your company is one that specialises in “technology” why not take a look at our Digital Caricaturists or event a Digital graffiti Wall 

The Look of your stand is just as important as what you are promoting – wow factor is everything and whenever we have had our own stands on exhibitions we have been successful for a few reason. 1) we believed in our business 2) we were confident in what we were supplying and 3) our stands were the most eye catching and all round interesting in the exhibition. people from a far would instantly want to flock towards and find out more about what we do. whether it was a Human tree scaring foot traffic without them knowing, a human table handing out drinks and literature or even things that are more static and eye catching such as our word falls!  Word fall is a water feature that can spell words make symbols and emojis that will leave people standing in awe ready for you to approach and talk to

word fall
Word fall digital water feature perfect for exhibition stands and trade show stands

Any experienced events or trade show company will tell you that being social towards your potential clients is key in creating a good return on your trade show stands investment. having your own unique twitter hast tags or Facebook group can be a brilliant way of not only being social media ready but also for data capture. We provide brilliant ways in which we can bring social media to life on your exhibition booth such as live feed twitter walls, photo booths that have a live link to your company Facebook or twitter or an Instagram print station which we hire for exhibition events.

Ok so you have got people to come to your stand with some great ideas for attractions or entertainment and now you would like to keep them there. there are many ways of doing this such as hand outs like canapes and drinks. lets face it nobody likes to walk whilst eating or drinking. Pick and mix stands are a great way of doing this along with something maybe a little more bespoke such as mist machines and boiler desert stations

If you have the foot traffic, you are keeping them on your stand but nobody wants to spend too long standing up at an exhibition which they are more than  likely going walk a few miles around. Well then you may want to consider furniture hire for your stand and we have just the thing.

Neo Bars, LED furniture and bespoke sofas and poseur tables can light up your stand and give off more of a comfortable feeling for your potential clients. 1st impressions are key and a friendly comfortable environment is one step to ensuring your 1s impression towards trade show attendees are instantly impressed with what you have to display.

A really goo problem to have is too many people come to your exhibition stand and with the help of Julia Charles event management we would like think that this would be the case. a presentation is always a good way of clients getting the information they need without speaking to anyone on your stand. Allowing them to take  flyers and information from your stand is also great but not as great as this next feature……Virtual mannequins!!!

Virtual Mannequins are something right out of the future and enable you to pre programme a virtual member of staff to act on your behalf. We can project a Virtual Mannequin in any shape or form. whether it is a virtual cartoon character or a real life like member of your staff.

If you are planning to hold an exhibition then as an exhibition organiser it is your duty to get people through the doors. there are also many ways of doing this with the use of workshops, meeting and break out rooms and also guests speakers are a brilliant way of making sure your trade show is packed with potential clients and on the road to success.

take a look at just some of the guests speakers we offer who are perfect for all types of exhibitions such as sports shows, trade shows, home exhibitions and more.

For more great tips and even some free advice on how to drive more foot traffic to your exhibition stand why not visit Julia Charles Event Management and speak to on elf the team.






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