Ideas For Planning Rio & Carnival Themed Events

It is no wonder why Rio is such a brilliant and popular theme for Summer events. Rio is an extremely popular destination for travel with millions of people visiting the city a year and over 900 thousand visitors over the course of Mardi Gras alone.  This number will be set to increase due to the 2016 Olympics meaning that the City of Rio De Janeiro will once again be alive and kicking with exceptional entertainment, ostentatious costumes.

With celebrations set to kick off in Brazil for the world’s most famous annual party, millions of tourists from around the globe are about to experience the vibrant parades and elaborate costumes of Carnival

Adam Withnall – The Independent 

Well it is that time again, the time where beautiful colours and exciting entertainment comes to the forefront of our TV and radio sets, where dancing, music and good times come to together to celebrate the Olympic Games. For anyone planning an event at the time of the Olympic games it is an opportunity to theme it in a flamboyant and outrageously colourful way. We have all of the best tips and ideas for you that will make sure your event will be the most memorable of the games, even more so maybe than the opening ceremony itself?! not to mention that of course each year the Mardi Gras parades and street parties are the most spectacular displays of positive and vibrant entertainment the human race can muster.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.53.40
Carnival in the streets of Rio. Beautiful parades of stunning performers and costumes that will light up the party.


So lets get straight in to it. Entertainment is an important factor as much as event decorations and the venue itself. The whole idea of Brazilian and carnival themed entertainment is one of colours, fun, and bringing the passion of Mardi Gras and the parade to your event. There are many ways in which you are able to do this and one of the most popular ways is dance and music. Why not hire one of our brilliant Brazilian Dance Troupes

World Class Tropical / Rio and Carnival Dancers are sure to bring the flamboyancy to your Carnival themed event in the build up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

There are many forms of Dance and one of the most authentic forms of Brazilian dance is Capoeira. It is over 500 years old and is as popular as it was when it was 1st created. It is a perfect way of brining something authentic to your Rio themed event and if you are planning on having some form of carnival themed event then these martial arts dancers would go down extremely well. Why not add some music to go with the dancers with some fantastic Tropical steel bands.

Jazzy, Funky, Tropical and take requests! what more would you need from a tropical or carnival themed band who are available to hire for corporate events, private events and more. We receive such good feedback from all of our tropical performers and the steel bands always go down an absolute storm. They are often accompanied by carnival dancers and walkabout performers or even a limbo dance troupe. if you are planning a tropical party or even a parade then consider what music you will be providing to your guests. Live music is essential to any outdoor or indoor event where you are trying to portray a summer/festival theme.  When it comes to live music or band hire we have the experience and expertise to suggest the correct band or musician for the job.

Steel bands perfect for bringing the vibes and enrgy of carnival to your mardi geras themed event. book steel bands and tropical entertainers for hire
Tropical Steel Bands are perfect for Mardi Gras themed events.

Live music can come in all types of themes and forms and what better form for your Brazilian themed event than a Brazilian Percussion band?Guest cannot help but dance when there are drums and other percussion instruments playing and when accompanied by our beautiful Samba dancers it makes for even more of an incredible experience.

brazilian drummers and percussion performers. book brazillian inspored bands and musicians for rio and carnival themd entertainment hire
A brilliant Brazilian percussion band accompanied by some Samba dancers. Perfect for bringing bright colours and charismatic energy when planning a Carnival themed event.


Parade style performances and acts for hire

Organising a parade? or would you like your event to have the same feel and awe inspiring, memorable look of the world renowned street parties. why not take a look at some carnival and parade stilt walkers? or walkabout entertainers that are themed around parades, street parties and carnivals.

Giant puppets, Butterfly Stilt walkers and giant….and I do mean GIANT animal displays.


To take a look at more brilliant ideas and services that will help you plan your Rio themed event take a look at our Carnival Entertainment Hire pages with more options to choose from.

Rio Themed Decorations & Props

So we have looked at forms of Rio and Mardi Gras performers and entertainers that would be suited for your event but now its time to look at some great event decoration ideas. Before your main show kicks off and before your guests are even seated the first impression they get would be of how the venue or the event itself will look. We all know first impressions are key when it comes to impressing your guests and Rio & Carnival themed event decor is easy to get right when you know how!

So lets start with the entrance shall we? Draping and lighting can be a serious contender when it comes to creating a spectacular entrance to your carnival themed event. Line the halls with drapes lit with colours and accompany them with some props and tropical themed decor such as palm trees, the odd hammock, large feathered hanging displays and more. This may well be perfect too when designed around one of our meet and greet acts or entertainers such as our Rio themed human tables or even a larger installation such as the giant lions head….yes your heard that right.

once guests have made their way to their tables hit them with dashing colours and vibrant linen designs such as coloured table cloths, multi coloured sashes on crisp white linen and giant Ostrich Feathered table centres to name a few.

LED furniture hire can also bring a vibrant and enthusiastic look to your event.

Why not take a look below at some of Pinterest boards for more brilliant inspiration and ideas for Mardi Gras themed events and entertainment.

Lets also make sure that the colours and infectious vibes are constant throughout your whole event with the use of LED bars, LED tables and furniture hire.


If you would like to know more about how to plan a Mardi Gras themed event or would like to enquire about anything you have seen then we would love to hear from you. share your own events and experiences with us of the Mardi Gras.


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