#10 Of Our Favourite Aerial Shows

No matter how many years in the events industry you have under your belt you will always see an aerial show and be dazzled in some way. Whether its an acrobatic Spider Man aerialist entertaining children in a family circus or an aerial Piano Player….Yes a flying Piano, you heard that correct.

Take a look at just 10 of our favourite aerial shows and performers from all over the world. In no particular order of course as there is a massive amount more that we could talk hours about.

#1 The Aerial Spider – Lets start with the scary stuff shall we.

aerial spider show
The aerial Spider show is a brilliant halloween themed aerial performance in an aerial net

The Aerial Spider is a mixture of a few different skills including contortion. Created by an extremely talented aerial and circus performer the aerial spider or aerial net as its also known, is perfect for Halloween themed events and functions as it is as creepy as it is graceful.

#2 Aerial Bartenders – Drinks from above

aerial bartending
Aerial Bartenders exciting guests at a corporate event

Aerial Bartenders are an alternative to a full blown aerial show. These beautifully skilled aerial performers provide a different and unique experience in the way of meet and greet bartending from above. We have been lucky enough to be served by a waitress that descended from the ceiling to present a glass of champagne. what could be more memorable than having your welcome drink served by what would seem like a floating waitress.

#3 The Flying Piano – Music to fly for

Flying Piano
The Flying Piano Aerial Show

So you remember me saying about that flying pianist? Well heres the proof! I say that like its the most random thing for an aerial performer to do whilst suspended high above the crowds….it isn’t however, it is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring. Using a 3d rigging system, the same one they use in motion pictures and stage shows, this aerial performance provides something for everyone in the way of aerial acrobats and musical brilliance.

#5 Heliosphere Aerial Balloon Show – No lead in this performance

hliosphere aerial show
Heliosphere Arial Balloon Show

Heliosphere is an extremely popular show and a favourite of our clients due to its presence in the air. The show truly is one to watch and is easy to see why it gets booked at events all over the globe. Not only can this aerial balloon show dazzle and amaze at corporate functions but it has also been seen in the streets above the heads of children and adults alike creating a memorable spectacle that many enjoy a great deal. It has also been a hit with clients look to launch products as the balloon can be branded in many ways, one of the shows many useful and yet extremely entertaining uses.

#6 Sway Poles – Thank God for public liability insurance !

Sway poles
Giant Sway Poles – performers and their death defying swaying pole routine in the USA

Who ever said that aerial shows and performances had to be from the ceiling down? These guys decided to throw the rule book out the window when they thought to create this act. The swaying poles acrobatic show is brought to you from one of the oldest Circuses in the USA and really is something……Extreme! Did I mention the performers switch poles midair? No? ok well that is what they do and it is one of the most insane climaxes to an aerial performance I think I have laid eyes on.

I would love to of been a fly on the wall when some crazed circus folk had this idea!


#7 Aerial Drone Show – Lets take it futuristic

aerial drone show
An aerialist, a drone, a spectacular show

Lets face it if you take an incredible aerial performer and add some intelligent light shows its incredible, its modern and its current. So then you take a drone strapped with a high quality Go Pro and you have a show that brings your guest closer than ever to the performance. This brilliant technoligy driven aerial show is a perfect blend of acrobatics and futuristic entertainment.

Not only is this performance great for a corporate function such as a gala dinner or charity event. We expect this to be extremely popular for technoligy based entertainment for exhibitions and product launches. With the use of 3d projection mapping this show is easily transformed in something completely bespoke and branded towards your company.

#8 The Ice Garden Carousel – No Rigging? No problem!

Ice Garden acrobatic Carousel, an acrobatic act themed around winter and iced themed entertainment.

The ice garden acrobatic show is a perfect blend of cleverly choreographed acrobatics and acrobalance performed on a revolving Carousel. There are also various other themes that this act can under take such as the summer garden for summer themed events which can be used for acrobatic performances and also champagne pouring for meet and greets. And also the giant snow globe where the acrobats perform inside a giant revolving snow globe.


#9 Parachute Regiments – From the stratosphere to your venue

Sky diving teams for hire for event all over the globe

Well we had acrobats on poles, on free standing carousels and huge balloons that float above the crowd. now lets take it one step higher….a few thousand feet hire!

The Parachute Regiment Free fall Team ‘The Red Devils’ is the official parachute display team of both The Parachute Regiment (The Paras) and the British Army.

The team’s role is to promote both the Parachute Regiment and the British Army in support of recruitment – this is achieved by carrying out over 60 spectacular parachute displays at public events each year and by attracting positive publicity through the media.

The team is currently manned by 12 serving soldiers from the The Parachute Regiment’s three full-time Battalions: 1, 2 & 3 PARA.

#10 Creative Aerial Productions From Cirque Bijou – Got an Idea? ……let us bring it to life.

Brilliant, awesome, stunning…the list goes on of feedback! for this creative aerial production show.

Cirque Bijou are a company full of creative minds that are able to bring to life the ideas and dreams of clients from the likes of the worlds top tour managers for Muse to some of the largest corporate clients on the map.

From giant floating light bulbs with aerial displays and performer hanging from them to freestanding lighting displays and more.

latest work

  • Creation of props and performance for Muse ‘Unsustainable’ stadium world tour 2013, MTV EMA’s 2012 and 2013 and X Factor 2013
  • Launch of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing events
  • Bespoke shows & live performance for: Electric Daisy Carnival, Alton Towers, Mercedes Benz, CBBC, Goodwood Festival of Speed, BT London Live.

Want to take a look at some other brilliant aerial shows and acrobatic displays that may not of made the list but are equally amazing? why not take a look at some of the acrobatic shows we have for hire here



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