Our Top Tips For Planning Royal Celebrations & Events

So England is pretty cool right? Has been for a long time now right?…….Wrong! England is “Quintessentially Awesome” if that is a thing and here are 25 of the 1 million reasons as to why.

1. Countryside 2. Fish and chips (MMMMM!) 3. Roast dinners (even more MMMMM) 4. Tea 5. English history 6. The English Fry Up (my personal favourite) 7. NHS 8. Strawberries 9. Lake District 10. The beaches 11. Cream tea 12. Historic architecture 13. The BBC (debatable) 14. Beer gardens (obviously) 15. The Queen 16. Big Ben 17. Proud heritage 18. Wimbledon 19. Stonehenge 20. Buckingham Palace 21. Red buses 22. Cornish pasties 23. Shakespeare 24. James Bond 25. The Spitfire………shall I continue? because I really can.

I think one of the main things I may of missed off from this list is the ability we have to all pull together and have a good old fashion knees up.

Please note – The following segment should be read in a Brian blessed Voice. Either in your head but preferebly out loud in a public place

I’m not talking the odd weekend down the boozer with the lads talking football and other manly sporting activities. Nor do I mean the ladies night out on the town, crawling in at ungodly hours of the morning with smeared make up, ripped tights and half of next doors bush still hanging from your new £100 hair do…. Oh no Mr, I mean our camaraderie, our team spirit, our outright dedication to celebrate anything and everything we can. One of these celebrations we take seriously are Royal occasions. The odd time where everyone takes to the streets for tea parties, a time where tea, crumpets, Pimms and beer come together to to create a nutritious meal and make a spectacular occasion even more spectacular. The time where neighbours are not just people who come round to borrow sugar or tools which they will never get back EVER AGAIN (John if you are reading this I want my Dewalt Drill back. You have had it for 3 years and your wife still complains about not having that shelf up).

A time where strangers become friends, friends become family and the Royals make an appearance on the balcony to show the world that they are as normal as the rest of us. (Ha! YEAH HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND)

Back to your own voice now!!!

So with all of those facts in mind we have put together some of the best ways in which to either plan a Street party for yourselves, your company or your mates. Our clients come from an array of backgrounds and all of which are looking for the best in Royal Themed Entertainment and Event Decorations. Take a look below at some of the best in Great British themed entertainment ideas. So lets start with the planning shall we.

When organising your own street party to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday you should keep in mind the following.

  • Make sure you plan early – You may want to get in contact with your local Council at least 6 weeks prior to your street party.
  • You do not need a licence for organising your local neighbourhood street bash however you do need to fill in a form from your local council. You can do this by visiting here. You may need a music licence if this was a main factor of your event and also a drinks licence if alcohol was to be sold. Usually this can be done for a mere £21 so well worth it, and can cover events for 500 guests and under.
  • If you are not planning your street party on private land then you may ned to apply for a road closer. There is no cost to this however, you may want to make sure the Council know well in advance so that emergency services can plan ahead. The Council may also provide you with the road signs for any closures you may have to apply for.
  • It is not usually necessary to have public liability insurance however, it does no harm to ask the relevant question to the authorities. Alternatively if you book Julia Charles Event Management to organise your Corporate Street Party or Royal Themed celebration then this comes as standard and all is covered.
  • Depending on the size of the event you may need to contact the FSA (The food standards Agency) and apply for a food licence. That said if you are not selling food this will not be needed. If you book any caterer for your event, they should have this covered.
  • Last but not least – Bunting……lots and lots of bunting. Oh of course do not forget bunting!

If this all sounds a little too much then do not worry. You can either contact us or you can try and get a seat at the Mall in June where over 10 thousand people will be attending. A great place to meet some new people and share some spiffing times with.

Lets talk more about Entertainment ideas for your royal celebration or street party.

Royal Footman 

Brilliant funny, witty and always a hit with our clients. Royal Footman are usually fairly reserved and controlled but these mime artists are far from it. Great for walkabout and also meet and greet entertainment for both private and corporate functions.

Royal Palace Guards walkabout performers

Remember ever going to the Palace and seeing the Palace Guards standing there doing nothing, watching all the people or being the people who take selfies with them and try and make them do funny things knowing they would be as still as a human statue? ….we have all done it and if we have not then there is a chance we would. Well these chaps don’t just stand there, they move, they dance and they don’t have to wait for the changing of the guard to get their march on and throw shapes.

“Ok then well what about food and drinks?’ I hear you ask. Do not fret my pint drinking, scone eating, go to the proms and dance under umbrellas to the dam busters even if its not raining, old buddy, old chum, we have that covered too.

London Buss Catering & Mobile Bar

What better way to bring catering to your British themed party than a quintessentially British London Bus Bar. This London bus has been transformed in to a fully mobile catering service that boast comfortable seating, a kitchen and also its very own bar with draft beers to boot. This is a fully self sufficient mobile London bus bar due to it having its own generator, furniture and a full army of staff on hand to help keep the drinks flowing and the food coming. Not only does it have an inside drinking area but when those rare occasions of heat and summer come to the blessed shores of Blighty it also has outdoor garden furniture as standard. View some more bar hire options here

What says Great British event catering more than a converted London bus bar? maybe a London cab photo booth? we have those too by the way. see here Photo Booth Hire London

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Do you know who said that?

This chap ……Winston Churchill, and you can book the best Winston Churchill lookalike there is.


Our Winston Churchill impersonator is a fully trained and experienced actor. He has worked in TV, Movies and is quite simply PM Churchill reincarnated. When booked at events in the past he has kept in character and recited none stop Churchill quotes and usually finishes off with the famous Battle of Britain speech.

Something for the kids maybe? 

There is not much better than creating an event where everyone is happy. We know that one way to make sure parents are happy is to make the children happy. Now I could go on for days about the number of ways that you can do this, such as balloon modellers, Bubble Performers, Themed party performers and even Themed craft stands for the kids to make and take home their prized creations.


Marching Bands 

This youth band has an energy that is unrelenting. The dedication to teamwork in the pursuit of excellence draws out the best from its members.


Marching bands are a group of highly skilled musicians who take the idea of regimented routines to the streets in the form of percussion and musical grace.  If you have a corporate event and are looking to create a spectacular and memorable show for your guests then this may be the option you have been looking for. Our marching bands come in many sizes and can also create bespoke routines to suite any venue or clients requirements.

Props & Decorations

Everything from table centres, room dressing, chair covers and bespoke sash designs to large productions, set designs and props. Don’t hold back on the bunting as well!

Tis a good time of year in the summer months. Don’t let your event be defined by the weather. There is no such thing as rained off when it comes to celebrations, especially when you have Marquees of all shapes and sizes at your disposal.

So to wrap things up let me leave you with a parting gift as we usually do……

A Top Gear Special where the lads invite British made motors to the Mall in London. If this does not get you all patriotic and ready for the summer sun and revelries then I do not know what will.


All this talk of Great British Themed parties and there is a fairly large bash happening in Rio 2016  – Take a look at some of our top tips and ideas for planning a Mardi Gras themed event

Contact us and speak with one of our event managers to gain more insight as to how to plan your street party in 2016


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