Our Top Tips For Planning Royal Celebrations & Events

Our top tips for planning a Royal Themed Event or Street Party. Take a look at some of our entertainment and event decor ideas for Great British Themed events #eventprofs #entertainment

#10 Of Our Favourite Aerial Shows

No matter how many years in the events industry you have under your belt you will always see an aerial show and be dazzled in some way. Whether its an acrobatic Spider Man aerialist entertaining children in a family circus or an aerial Piano Player….Yes a flying Piano, you heard that correct. Take a look atContinue reading “#10 Of Our Favourite Aerial Shows”

Ideas For Planning Rio & Carnival Themed Events

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how to create a fun and energetic Rio themed event or a Mardi Gras themed event then take a look at some of our suggestions.

Increase Foot Traffic To your Exhibition Stand

Over the years many of our clients have come to us for unique and brilliant ideas to help bring people to their exhibition stand. it was around 2001 when we had seen an opportunity to help our clients with not just exhibition attractions but also memorable entertainment options perfect exhibition stands. Now we are noContinue reading “Increase Foot Traffic To your Exhibition Stand”

If you cannot go to the circus, let us bring the circus to you! “Amazons Family Fun Day”

Each year we are asked by Amazon to come up with new ideas for their family fun days. Amazon have plenty of centres they like to cater for when it comes to entertaining their staff and on the 15th of August 2015 it was a chance for the Rugely Amazon Distribution centres turn for some fun. ThisContinue reading “If you cannot go to the circus, let us bring the circus to you! “Amazons Family Fun Day””

Its “Get your moonshine and celebrate prohibition time at Wyboston Lakes”

All were invited to this prohibition themed event with a 3 course meal, dancing, theming and some good old moonshine. Wyboston Lakes in partnership with  Julia Charles Event Management had panned and created this prohibition themed event where guests were charged as little as £45 each for a 3 course meal and entertainment for the night.Continue reading “Its “Get your moonshine and celebrate prohibition time at Wyboston Lakes””

The Violin and Acrobalance Duo

This incredible act merges to beautiful art forms and creates a timeless show. This act is perfect for all types of events and can be customised for product launches. Corporate entertainment can be hard to get right sometimes as the demographic and the tastes of your guests can often be different to one another. SometimesContinue reading “The Violin and Acrobalance Duo”

Giant Free fall Air Bags Are Great Fun For Corporate Family Fun Days

Free Fall Giant Air Bags are great fun for corporate family fun days and large outdoor events. We can supply them with large towers or cherry pickers for you gets to jump from various hight on to the air bag. Flips and tricks are the aim of the day if you have what it takes…ifContinue reading “Giant Free fall Air Bags Are Great Fun For Corporate Family Fun Days”