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At Julia charles event management we based a complete business model on being creative. Everything we done had to be a high standard, from creating table centres for luxury weddings to creating bespoke shows for product launches. All clients are treated the same just with a different level of integrity. Everyone wants an incredible event but some are a little too scared to push the boat out. do not fall in to the trap of thinking that different is negative, It is not!! Different is passion, its drive, is creative and it is bold to be original and new. We work with the worlds most creative and passionate artists for bespoke shows and acts for many reasons, one would being a high standard. “Why settle for less”

Published by Julia Charles Event Management

We provide event management, event decor and entertainment services in the UK and for international events. We also create displays, installations and bespoke entertainment for clients. Events we cover are weddings, Corporate events, product launches, fashion shows and much more. +441908969322

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