Luxury Wedding Decor

There are many occasions where you will see so many different things that you like in regards to wedding decor for your big day. In all honesty the world is full of useful places to find inspiration and it can sometime feel as though there is to many insanely spectacular and luxurious things to have for wedding theming and decor.

because of this it is not uncommon for brides and grooms to doubt their theme due to seeing something that attracts their creative eye. it could be something on Pinterest, on Facebook or even a friend’s wedding they had the pleasure of going to. Do not allow yourself to doubt your big day and what makes it “big for you are on the right path and if you are not on the right path and decide that actually the theme you chose has somewhat been outdated due to time and experience of other things, then this is ok! on many occasions we have had the most extravagant brides change their minds only months away from the big day….just make sure you can afford it. We supply some of the most exciting and luxurious designs at Julia Charles Event management and the way we do this is by simply talking to our clients, finding out what who they are as a person and then going from there. Anyone can send out a price list with a load of stock photos and let the client do all the creative thinking…..o and then take the plaudits for the design. We manage a client based on their expectations as a wedding planner/event manager. We make it as easy and as painless for you as you like. some brides and grooms love to take the hands on approach which we shadow and advise for, and others like to do nothing, sit back and relax knowing they have chosen the right company for the job.

below are some useful links for pinterest boards and our website where you can view some wedding design

if you would like to contact us for more info on how we can help plan your big day then feel free. We welcome brides and grooms from around the world so please send us an email and a time and we can call, email or even Skype.

Published by Julia Charles Event Management

We provide event management, event decor and entertainment services in the UK and for international events. We also create displays, installations and bespoke entertainment for clients. Events we cover are weddings, Corporate events, product launches, fashion shows and much more. +441908969322

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