Take the jump with Eddie The Eagle

In April we were asked by our friends at Bearded Kitten to produce an activation that would introduce to London the launch of the new Eddie The Eagle film. It was a tough task due to the fact that time was against us and the activation was one of strict planning and organisation. We provided a proposal that brought the the experience to the public of what it would be like in free fall like Eddie The Eagle.

The location was set and was decided by the client at Pottersfields in London which is an incredible location for events. The back drop is Tower Bridge London and the area is opposite to City hall with a footfall of around 100 thousand members of the public a day.

We put together 3D imagery and drawings that displayed one of our free fall airbags that would be fully branded and customised for this particular event. We designed a unique 7m high tower with 2 platforms for the public to climb and once they had reached the top they were invited to free fall on to our fully branded free fall air bag and stun bag system.


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 08.59.26
3D sketch of the air bag which was produced prior to the event.

The construction of the bag itself took around 3.5 hours including branding the bag and the tower with Eddie the Eagle movie images from Vue Cinemas. Once the tower was completed we then began to brand whilst Bearded Kitten and their amazing team worked tirelessly to produce a mini village. The village was designed with wooden picket fencing, ski lift seating, chalet’s that housed signing in areas for the public to take part, a DJ pumping out motivation bangers to aid the public in the jumping experience and more….


At 11am the event kicked off with a german speaking comedic compare and around 15 members of staff all dressed up in skiing suites, hats and goggles. The public were invited to pop in to the mini village and get dressed up in skiing gear with retrofitted skis to take a jump. Our staff gave a quick training session for all that took part and aided them to the top platform after taking a quick jump from the lower one.

Let me tell ya 7 metres doesn’t sound like much but when you are up there its scary

The public were allowed to take part by signing up to the jump for a chance to win some Eddie the Eagle glasses, hats and bespoke bags. Each jump was marked out of 10 by a team of judges who were very tongue and cheek.

The day was full of fun for all to enjoy such as food, music and the jump activation itself

As brand activations and promotional events go this was one we were particularly proud of. We always love to see a plan come together and to create new and exciting relationships with clients so this event had it all. The day was so good even Essex boys Arg and Lockie from TOWIE took a free fall jump.

Looking to book a free fall stunt bag for your next event? take a look at some that we offer here. 


Take a look at this amazing day and the antics that were, by visiting VUE cinemas page here

Or if you are one that prefers to watch rather than read, you can take a look at the video below.



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